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About Camp Coolamatong - The School Camping Specialists

About Coolamatong

Camp Coolamatong is managed by Scripture Union Victoria, a Christian based children, families and youth community development organisation. The staff at Camp Coolamatong are committed to providing the opportunity for children, young people and families to experience a truly memorable camp in a wonderful and peaceful location.

Camp Coolamatong is accredited under the Australian Camps Association Accreditation Program. All activities are led according to documented written procedures. Individual written risk assessments have been completed for all activities and are available to user groups upon request. Camp Coolamatong provides an extensive range of resource material that ensures all groups and leaders are supported as they prepare and come to the camp.

Our Mission

Camp Coolamatong exists to 'Provide an exciting, nurturing and safe camping experience, tailored to meet the needs of individual groups and through this experience, demonstrate the hope of the Christian faith."

Our Working Beliefs

We hope that Camp Coolamatong will:

Camp Coolamatong values camping

Camping provides the unique opportunity for people of all ages to be challenged and inspired as they 'get away from it all' and work, rest and play with friends and colleagues in a temporary community. At Camp Coolamatong we believe the benefits of camping are enormous, which makes our job extremely rewarding.

Here are just some of the reasons why we are committed to camping:

Finding personal identity

Developing Respect

We believe that camps increase campers' awareness of social structures that develops respect for:

At Camp Coolamatong we believe that demonstrating and fostering an attitude of respect creates a freedom that empowers people to enjoy living in safety and peace.

Harnessing Collective Energy

There is enormous collective energy when a group of campers are gathered in one place. This creates an open environment to discuss issues, harness positive thinking, develop teamwork and have enormous fun in games, structured activities and in free time. It is within this environment that we hope to instill in all campers a strong sense of belonging to a group. A group in which their contribution and personality is respected and desired by others.

Establishing Goals

We believe that within their time on camp, all campers should and will be physically, mentally and emotionally challenged. At Camp Coolamatong our leaders take great care to get to know campers, so that challenges are pitched appropriately to individuals. It is in this context in which we see campers take positive steps in:

At Camp Coolamatong our desire is to see many campers draw from their positive experience on camp and return home with a new or greater desire to continue building upon a personal camp breakthrough.

Getting back to basics

Camping is a great way to re-enforce the simple things in life, as campers:

We believe that camping is a great leveller. Camp settings allow values such as friendship, cooperation and honesty to be promoted and shine, reinforcing the idea that it's who you are, rather than what you are, that's most important.

Camp Coolamatong values safety

Safety is paramount in all that happens on camp and includes the physical and emotional safety of all campers:

Physical safety

Emotional Safety

Camp Coolamatong is committed to:

Camp Coolamatong provides a variety of camping programs and experiences to groups ranging from fully catered and programmed school camps throughout the week, to self catered weekend camps. As such Camp Coolamatong has a commitment to:

Educational Integrity

Camp Coolamatong specialises in delivering outdoor adventure activities to school children. All activities are led by qualified camp staff and we place emphasis on:

Best Practice

Camp Coolamatong is committed to best practice and this will be evident by:

Camp Coolamatong recognizes it cannot do it all

We hope a camp at Coolamatong will provide many highlights that will burn brightly in the lives of campers for years to come. We endeavour to do everything possible to ensure that a positive experience, a new skill, a spiritual awakening, or a new found interest is developed and built upon, when a camper returns home. Therefore we would seek to provide meaningful connections that campers can access if they would like to pursue a positive camping experience further.

We aim to do this by providing meaningful links between attending schools and local church communities, youth groups and kids programs. Connecting campers with other local organizations committed to Christian youth work. Providing pathways for campers to access special interest activities and recreational pursuits within local and community based groups and organizations.

Camp Coolamatong has only but a few days to invest in the lives of campers. We recognize that this therefore limits how much we can do in a young life. We do believe that as Christians the staff and volunteers belong to a community of believers that extends beyond our fence lines to Gippsland, Victoria and indeed the world wide church. Our prayer is that a work begun in the life of a camper will be nurtured, watered and developed by others who would seek to see lives shaped for eternity. We recognize that this may be a process taking weeks, months and years. We believe and are thankful however that even though we forget names and lose touch with campers God does not, and what He starts will find fulfilment.

Camp Coolamatong has a Faith

Camp Coolamatong is part of Scripture Union Victoria, a Christian based children, families and youth community development organisation. As Christians we believe that the world in which we live was created by God. We believe that God has a plan for each one of us and that we find ultimate fulfilment when we align our lives with Gods intention for how we should live.

Our Core values: