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Camp Coolamatong - Our History

How Camp Coolamatong Started

The James' - 1800's


The James family first settled the land on which Camp Coolamatong operates in the 1880’s. The four James brothers worked approximately 3000 acres of land. In 1953, Fred C.W. Barton purchased the land currently known as the Farm Camp site on which he established an Angora Goat Stud.

Fred Barton - 1943


Camp Coolamatong commenced operations as a base for summer family camps at the lake site in 1953 after the 10-acre site was donated to Scripture Union by Fred Barton in 1943.

Scripture Union - 1977

Graham Webb

In 1973 Scripture Union purchased a further 170 acres from the Barton's, and in 1977 the first school camp was conducted there.

The C.C Neill - 1979


'The C.C. Neill', the camp launch, was purchased in 1979 and has been transporting campers across the lake for over 20 years. The boat came from Queenscliff and was named after Charlie Neill, a local boat builder who had been looking after Coolamatong boats for many years.