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Christian Internships - More Information

About Camp Coolamatong

Camp Coolamatong, located in East Gippsland, is comprised of two independantly accredited campsites; Farm Camp and Lake Camp. Farm Camp is an adventure-farm campsite providing a variety of site base activities and farm encounter experiences. Lake Camp is tailored towards older students providing more extended and challenging journey and expedition type experiences. The Campsites are managed by Scripture Union Victoria, a not for profit, Christian organisation. The staff at Camp Coolamatong are committed to providing the opportunity for children, young people and families to experience a truly memorable camp, in a wonderful and peaceful location.

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About the Internships at Camp Coolamatong

For the 'really really' in depth look at the Internship visit the 'Life of an Intern' page.

Each year Camp Coolamatong seeks to appoint young people committed and passionate about sharing the reality of their Christian faith with children within the fun, vibrant atmosphere of residential style adventure camping. As a campsite our mission for youth ministry leadership positions is “to train young volunteers to grow in spiritual maturity and be equipped with industry recognised leadership skills to lead children in all aspects of school camps and through this to demonstrate, share and shine the love of Jesus on young lives."

Internship Positions Available

There are eight Christian Internship positions available. We are currently seeking interested Christian young people to fill these positions.

The Internship Mission

Camp Coolamatong’s Youth Ministry Positions, empower young adults to grasp, utilise and enlarge their God given gifts, talents and interests as they are immersed in Christian ministry. All Youth Ministry Leadership Positions incorporate Christian discipleship, leadership training and personal development. Completing a 12 month internship or traineeship provides a massive stepping stone for future ministry, training and work. The supportive community of Camp Coolamatong is incredibly powerful in unlocking and releasing young people to know and live out God’s plan for their lives.

Should I Apply

Anyone who has a passion to impact this generation for God and enjoys a personal, living relationship with God through Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit in their life is welcome and encouraged to pursue a Youth Ministry Position at Camp Coolamatong. Previous experience and skills in camping and specialist outdoor activities are not essential however an appetite for adventure, a love for the outdoors, good health and strong desire to be part of a committed team is essential.

Each year Camp Coolamatong seeks to appoint people who have a desire to follow Christ and to serve Him in children’s ministry. A Youth Ministry Position is full-on! It is demanding. However the rewards are massive and as we have witnessed over almost three decades, young people are transformed through a 12-24 month internship or traineeship at Coolamatong.

If you are stirred as you read this, we encourage you to pursue God. Pray, get into His word and find out more. The permanent staff at Camp Coolamatong are committed to helping you discern if this is Gods will for your life.

May you know God’s peace, excitement and calling as you seek Him.