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Christian Internships - Life as an Intern

Why An Internship?

An internship is an opportunity for a young Christian leader to try responding to the call of God on our lives, and to experience serving in committed Christian ministry. It is an opportunity to discover gifts, develop new skills, meet life long friends and search out a vision for what God is calling you to. It is a chance to totally dedicate your life to God for a whole year, learn to rely on Him and have Christ invest in you in such a way as to increase your impact for the Kingdom for the rest of your life.

This could be the GAP Year of your life!

Why An Internship At Camp Coolamatong?

Coolamatong is a unique environment providing several key factors making it ideal for an internship:

What Do Interns Do?

Interns are trained to provide professional leadership to school groups. Camp Coolamatong is made up of two independantly accredited school camp sites; Coolamatong Lake Camp and Coolamatong Farm Camp. The camp staff team hold relevant industry qualifications and have a broad range of camping experience. During the course of the year interns completing a wide range of training, both practical and theoretical, during their 12 month term. ‘On the Job’ training and designated blocks throughout the year provide ongoing opportunities for interns to develop communication and organisational skills. Interns are involved in all aspects of camp life. Whilst the bulk of the time is spent leading small groups on activities, interns are also allocated time for study, maintenance and program planning. Throughout a school week interns are rostered to set up activities, assist as needed with serving meals and basic cleaning. Daily and weekly meetings are all vital components of an interns schedule.

Is An Internship 24 / 7?

Interns, trainees and permanent staff live in separate accommodation well away from the actual camp site. During a school camp interns are allocated time-off during the week, when possible, for study purposes. Interns work with staff in preparing evening program which is usually on the first night of camp from 7.30-9.00pm. Other nights are free other than approximately one night per term in which interns are rostered to lead a night hike for groups on their first day at the camp. When camps are not running interns are involved in maintenance, study and planning, generally working from 8.30am to 4.30pm. Most Thursday nights all interns get together for discipleship program lead by the staff team, see below for more details on this

What Makes Up A Typical Years Program?

An internship at Coolamatong commences early January and finishes early December, making approximately a 48 week term of service. Of this there would be:

What Is The Discipleship Program?

Each week interns will meet with the staff team to participate in a discipleship program. This program has been tailored specifically to deepen and grow the faith and spiritual understanding of young men and woman who are serious in their desire to know and serve God. The discipleship program is culturally relevant and aims to grow interns in spiritual truth and understanding, equipping and inspiring them for Christian ministry. The following topics provide an outline of the discipleship program:

What Pastoral and Personal Support Will I Receive as an Intern?

We recognise that internships are physically, mentally and spiritually demanding. So we’ve put in place a number of strategies to support interns in their service:

What Sort Of Person Is Suited To Work As An Intern?

The type of people Camp Coolamatong are looking to appoint as interns will display the following characteristics:

What Is A Typical School Camp and How Is The Gospel Presented?

Coolamatong Lake and Farm Camps together run approximately 55 fully programmed and catered school camps each year. Farm Camp caters for 5-10 Grade 3 - 4 camps, around 20-25 Grade 5 - 6 camps and 5-10 Year 7 - 8 camps. Lake Camp caters for a range of camps starting with year 7 all the way through to year 11 & 12 camps for Outdoor Rec classes.

Coolamatong is promoted as a Christian campsite and schools are aware of the strong mission of those who work at Coola to share their faith simply and naturally throughout the camp. We recognise the constraints upon us in what we can and can’t say. Therefore our message comes from sharing stories of how we have experienced Gods love and presence in our lives. Always our words are based upon “This is what we believe…” or “For me, I have found….”.

Each school that comes to Coolamatong is asked to select a theme for their camp. Typical themes include: trust, friendship, teamwork, choices, identity and environment. The themes provide an opportunity for us to engage kids in discussions, games, music and craft and Wednesday Evenings are established as a Coola led program in which we run a series of activities selected specifically to explore the theme in more detail.

Throughout the week we also run short sessions, usually before heading off on activities, in which activities such as quizzes, gross games and personal stories are used to maintain and build the momentum of the camp theme. These input sessions provide amazing opportunities for the Christian faith to be shared. The power of relationships formed between the Coola leaders and kids, presents privileged opportunities for us to share with kids.

As a team we recognise the need for us to hear from God as we believe He has a very specific word for each group. We claim that when Gods word is shared it will not return to him void. It is exciting to see the holy spirit at work within us to reveal the mystery of the Gospel of Jesus to young lives.

So who actually owns and runs Camp Coolamatong?

Camp Coolamatong is owned and managed by Scripture Union Victoria. Scripture Union Victoria is a Christian based community development organisation with over 130 years service in Victoria. SU is dedicated to inspiring children, young people and families to live life to the full. Camp Coolamatong is one of the innovative programs through which SU aims to build partnership with schools for the benefit and development of young people.