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Christian Internships - The Positions in Detail

Activity Leader Positions for 2011

Cert III in Outdoor Education

Activity Leader Interns are trained to lead children in all types of camp activities. Whether it be leading a group of 12 children on an adventure based activity such as canoeing; running a wide game for 50 children; or talking to 2 or 3 kids at the dinner table, interns are trained in all aspects of leadership. Interns forge meaningful relationships with children and through this are able to share their faith in the natural environment of camp.

What’s involved with the Cert III in Outdoor Education?

Most interns come to Coolamatong with little experience in outdoor education. That’s fine, so long as you have a love for the outdoors and a desire to learn. The Certificate III in Outdoor Education fits neatly within the Coolamatong training program to provide a total package that equips interns with the knowledge, experience, skills and strategies to teach beginner groups in the variety of specialist activities offered to schools and private groups that come to the campsite.

Formal training

In completing the Certificate III interns will study all issues relating to teaching children in an outdoor setting. These include risk assessment, group management, leadership styles, environmental impact, weather and age appropriate goal setting. In addition, interns will gain nationally accredited certificates in First Aid level II, Bronze Medallion, Safe Food Handling and Flat Water Canoe Instruction.

For more information click here to download the Activity Leader Overview - PDF Document