School Camping Price Guide for Camp Coolamatong

School Camp Price Guide

Use the following price guide to gauge whether Coolamatong is in your camping budget range.

Please note that your camp will be quoted within these price ranges. They are not, however, the complete or final quote but rather a guide to gauge what our pricing structure is like. Camp prices can vary depending on the size of the group, activities chosen, length of stay and other factors. Once you have filled in a booking form request we will send you the details of your complete quote.

All prices are ex-GST

Some activities require additional fees


Camp Coolamatong School Camping Price Guide

Camp Length Campsite Services Campsite Meals
2 Nights / 3 Days From $105.00 - $120.00 per student $29.00 inc all meals
3 Nights / 4 Days From $130.00 - $145.00 per student $39.50 inc all meals
4 Nights / 5 Days From $155.00 - $170.00 per student $50.00 inc all meals