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SEA Life Camps at Camp Coolamatong

What Are SEA Life Camps?

The SEA Life Camp program is a Federal Government endorsed school camping curriculum developed by Camp Coolamatong. It is a fun, interactive and stimulating program, aimed at year 5 - 6 school children, promoting healthy living and healthy habits. The SEA Life program has been developed to fit naturally within the framework of a four or five day adventure camp at Camp Coolamatong.

What Does SEA Life Stand For?

SEA Life is an acronym that stands for the three core elements of the program:

  • S – Self Esteem
  • E – Eating Well
  • A – Active Lifestyle

The aim of the SEA Life program is to empower children with knowledge, experience and desire to actively pursue healthy lifestyle choices.


The SEA Life Journal

Central to the SEA Life Program is a professionally designed 24 page color journal given to all children on arrival. The journal provides a great way to share information and for children to record daily highlights and thoughts.

The diary pages at the back of the journal are good. The layout and content are fantastic. We were a pretty loud camp, but as soon as they received their booklets (on camp) they went all quiet and were completely engrossed. Ultimately the kids are the biggest indicator that the layout is interesting and attractive."


The SEA Life Web Site

The SEA Life website was created to encourage students to provides a great resource and valuable link for children to access both during and after camp.

It includes a range of activities that the kids can print out and do at home, encouraging them to continue living a healthy lifestyle, even when camp is finished. Some of the website content includes:

  • Outdoor Activities
  • Healthy Recipes and Snack Ideas
  • Active Games and Resources
  • Videos encouraging Healthy Living
  • Stories from famous atheletes, movie stars, historical figures, and leaders - all who succeeded in living a healthy lifestyle

Setting Goals

A key outcome of the SEA Life program is to challenge children to set three goals that will help them practically implement simple strategies to live healthier.

The journal provides examples relevant for children which they can select or they can write their own goals. Children are encouraged to implement these goals for two weeks when they return home from camp.

The journal and website provides a 2 week post camp diary for tracking progress.

SEA Life provides good strong messages. Promotes high self concept and self esteem and belief in self abilities"


Grasp the Opportunity

The SEA Life program really does compliment the work of schools, communities and families to promote healthy living in children.

Participating in the SEA Life program at Camp Coolamatong is a brilliant way to practically reinforce simple yet powerful tools for living a healthy and wonderful life.

To find out more about the SEA Life program please contact us and ask to find out more about SEA Life. If you intend on booking a camp with Coolamatong, you may select the SEA Life program when filling in the booking request form.