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Testimonials About Camp Coolamatong

Testimonials from Happy Teachers, Campers, and Parents!

This camp experience was excellent. The kids loved everything about it, and as a teacher I really appreciated all of the support your friendly team provided. All activities were well planned and organised and each member of your team gave something special to each and every child. The level of care and understanding was tremendous. Each child had a bond with their leader. It was lovely seeing the children having so much fun. Each leader had such charisma about them. They were energetic and engaged all the children with such enthusiasm and professionalism. Camp Coolamatong is a wonderful camp" Jess, Supervising Teacher Beaconsfield PS

I went to the last camp you held. It was soo much fun. The food was delicious, it was very tasty and yummy. The activities was so much fun and i learnt so much from them. How to start a fire and cook food (which was also delicious), able to turn and balance on the canoes. The survivor activity was really fun because it was a challenge to finish each mini activity we had to do to save the pilots life and once we got the flag up we actually heard a helicopter or plane flying by"
Renee - Another Happy Camper

Our son Jack was at camp Coola last week and had THE BEST CAMP EVER!! He's told us many wonderful stories about his adventures (and mis adventures) and loved every minute of it. A huge thank you to all the Leaders; special thanks to Graham and his bush-craft activities - An Honourable mention to the fabulous Cooks whose meals were "Awesome" - high praise from a fussy eater! We are grateful for your time and expertise and for giving yourselves and your talents to this work!" A Happy Mother

It is the best camp I have been on in 28 years of teaching. I would recommend it to anyone" Teacher, North Melbourne Primary School

This was the best camping experience with a school group! The staff were very friendly, always willing to help and engaged the students. The variety of activities, especially free time were outstanding" Val, Sussex Heights PS

The boat trip was really super fun, I loved playing fox holes and making the sand castles and jumping off that hill of sand... especially on the way back seeing those two dolphins swim by! I got really tired doing all the fun things you set up for us and I loved every day of it! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!" Another Happy Camper

Once again, thanks so much for our time down at Coolamatong. We all look forward to our time down there each year and I'm more than a bit sad that we will now be coming every 2 years - hope I’m still there in 2 years' time. You create such a positive atmosphere with the best people every year - it is such a rich experience for the kids. I was enjoying listening to them talk to their parents with excitement when we got back" Julie Corr, Teacher in Charge, Kilsyth PS

Hi everyone at Coolamatong, I had so much fun at Coolamatong! Thanks Stevo for all the food it was delicious! Thanks Kalia, Sarah, Ruben, Graham and Dawn for the fantastic activities! I had a great time there getting to know you all and I hope i can come back sometime soon!" Sophie - Another Happy Camper

We absolutely and thoroughly enjoyed everything throughout the week. Can’t wait to come back next year!! Staff great, facilities exceptional, children engaged 100% of time, could not ask for a better week." Cameron Riley, Coordinator, Mentone Park PS

Thank you so much for an awesome camp i loooove the bush cooking it was YUM!" Beck - Another Happy Camper

Great camp! Staff, activities and facilities are fantastic. We love coming here." Jason Cole, Camp Coordinator, North Melbourne PS