Camp Coolamatong has two distinct sites: Farm Camp and Lake Camp

Farm Camp - (for Years 3-12) currently accommodates up to 130 students plus staff. Farm Camp is an Introductory Level Camp with bunkrooms and cabins and lots of on-site activities.

Lake Camp - (for Years 5-12) accommodates 60 students plus staff. Lake Camp is an Intermediate Level Camp with Tebins (half cabin / half tent) for students and more off-site activities for schools looking to encounter the next level of camping experience. School staff are accommodated in ensuited cabins.

All our programs utilise the rich resources of the local Gippsland Lakes environment.

Camp Coolamatong staff facilitate all activities to enable school staff to enjoy the camp experience with the students.

Camp Coolamatong's unique camping experience incorporates a theme into all the program and activities. This theme is chosen by the school. It is through the theme that we equip students to face challenges, build personal capacity and nurture greater personal awareness and understanding.

The CC Neill is our 49 seat boat, that schools can enjoy a cruise on the Gippsland Lakes to a variety of destinations as part of their camp program (no additional cost).

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